Two of Lou Feck’s covers for Bantam, painted three years apart, both use the Empire State Building in distress


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2019 - 2020 Walter Tevis catalog



As always, all the books shown are copies I gathered for this list and are all for sale. If you see something you want just send me an email and I will let you know condition, price and availability



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Cool and Lam checklist

Ellery Queen for sale



2018 James Bama catalog

2017 Morgan Kane catalog

2016 Christa Faust catalog

2016 Donald E. Westlake catalog

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2014 Mad artists checklist

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2013 The Notebooks of Paul Rader

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2009 Harry Whittington:

 The Missing 38

2008 James M. Cain & Charles Williams in UK paperbacks

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Something New Has Been Added:

Back Issue Magazines For Sale

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1.The Jennifer Lopez Collection





The checklist of short stories by Walter Tevis would not have happened without the assistance I received from Research Librarians at Eastern Kentucky University, Duke University, Ohio University, the Milwaukee Central Library, the British Library, the University of Kentucky, and the Lilly Library at Indiana University.


Thank you also to: Tom Lesser, Robert Speray, Rachel Parker-Stephen, John Neilson, Jessica Susan Brobst at UCI, William Contento at philsp.com, Richard Fidczuk, Brett Snyder at pastpaper.com, Jim Caron and Susan Schulman.


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