COMPLETE MAN appeared quarterly for only two and a half years, and as another reprint magazine it should have been rather lackluster. But I find COMPLETE MAN to be a rare and desirable collectible, mainly because of the vibrant and engaging color cover paintings on many of their issues by Charles Copeland

COMPLETE MAN February 1965 - "World's Most Shocking Call Girl" b&w reprint of duotone from STAG December 1962.

June 1965 - "Hell-Raising Yank Boss of   France's Prostitute Army" reused from STAG March 1962.>

September 1965 - "Give-Give Girls Who Hunt GIs" reused from STAG July 1962.

<December 1965 - cover

This painting was later used as an interior illustration in FOR MEN ONLY September 1966. 

March 1966 - cover >

Also interior "Captive Girls of the World's Hottest Vice Town" reused from a similar but different article in STAG April 1963.


<October 1966 - cover

February 1967 - cover>

<April 1967 - cover

Table of contents example showing cover credit to Charles Copeland. >

For Men Only

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