FOR MEN ONLY was one of the mainstays of the men's adventure genre, appearing in 1954 and creating a series of great issues - and covers - for over a decade before the cover art began to shrink in the 1960s.  By the late 1970s it had changed into just one more girlie mag with photo covers, a move that quickly put it out of business. Copeland was working for FOR MEN ONLY by 1956 and continued to contribute memorable illustrations, and some covers, for the next 17 years.  Published by Canam Publishers in the 1950s, Newsstand Publications in the 1960s and Magazine Management in the 1970s, all different names for the same group. In the 1950s many of Martin Goodman's Lion Books get condensed for his magazines.  For example, the June 1956 issue of FOR MEN ONLY has Richard Matheson's FURY ON SUNDAY as "The Frenzied Weekend".


June 1956- interior illustration for "The Night I Went Native".

October 1956 -three drawings for "The Redhead Who Seduced the Legion"

November 1957 "Tomboy Jungle" by Wenzell Brown

August 1958 -  "Your Point is a Blonde"

October 1958-  >

"The Women Who Decoyed a Shipful of Sailors"

Compare her pose to THE WICKED AND THE WARPED, Berkley G161.

November 1958 - "The Chinese-American Bawdyhouse War"


December 1958 -  "The House of No Escape"


January 1959 - "Seduced: 3000 Legionnaires"

May 1959 - cover >

Reused as the cover of SPORTSMAN November 1963.

June 1959 - duotone illustration for "Guerrilla Queen of Johori Female Bandit Brigade". Headhunters!

July 1959 - duotone illustration for "The Vanishing Lovers of Streetwalker Madeleine Libertaud"

August 1959 - "Cockeyed Chris Loves Slot Machine Sadie" (not shown)

September 1959 - duotone for "Sgt. Wilbur's Hunt for Bremen's Party-Girl Cellar" - postwar Nazis! 


<November 1959 - "Helen Happy Legs and the Plot to Kill General MacArthur"

December 1959 - "The Summer 4000 Call Girls Battled the Union Army"

(not shown)

April 1960 - "Master of Greek Girl Island"

June 1960 - "Penal King John Graham and his Outback Women Hideout"
(not shown)

July 1960 - "The Brawling, Wenching Mad Baron of Arizona" (not shown)

<August 1960 - "Baron Staltazen's House of Beautiful Women"

September 1960 - "The Yank Who Ran Paris' Playgirl Sabotage Ring"

October 1960 -  "The Backdoor Girls Who Invaded Pvt. Vincent's P.O.W, Stockade"

November 1960 - "The 1000-Face Commandant of Paris' Playgirl Underground"

February 1961 - "My Captive Year With the Free-Love Amazons"


June 1961 - "$1,000,000 Diamond Raid at Africa's Secret Village of Virgins"


August 1961 - "Ed Admusson's Off-Shore, Off-Limits Free Love Cult"    <detail

Editorial error gives credit to artist Charles Copeland instead of author Arthur Orrmont.

September 1961 - "Find Lt. Sommers - Last Seen in India's 'Many-Woman' Village"


October 1961 - "The Wild Widow Who Baited a Panzer Division" <detail

November 1961 - cover.

This is the cover shown in the film "Perversion for Profit" as an example of the "floodtide of filth" besmirching America's magazine racks, where "lust and violence-filled pages (are) devoured by juvenile eyes".

Reused for ACTION FOR MEN September 1963

January 1962 - "The Wild Baroness Who Was Too Shocking For Paris" (not shown)

February 1962 - "Paris' Harlot Spy Corps" >

March 1962 - "Strange Case of the Sex-Mad Medic"

April 1962 - cover

May 1962 - "The Shocking Scandal of Hollywood's Sexiest Three" true crime article on the murder of William Desmond Taylor.

June 1962 - "The Redhead at Pick-Up Motel" (MURDER IN ROOM 13) by Albert Conroy

July 1962 - "Red Army Girls in the Allied Hell Camp" (not shown)

August 1962 - "Texan King of Africa's Exotic Woman Village" detail

November 1962 - "The Seducing Decoys in Captain Tom Jiro's Kidnap-Escape Team". 

(not shown)

<January 1963 - "Blow Up the Munda Air Base" (WWII's Craziest Raid)

February 1963 - "Glider Yank Who Led the Amazon Women of Montenegro" detail

March 1963 - "Swastika Slave Girls in Argentina's No-Escape Brothel Camp"


April 1963 - "Sgt. Lattimer's Combat Safari With the Sarong Girls of Malaya"


May 1963 - "The Decoy Nymphs of Luxemburg"



July 1963 - cover

and interior "Love-Lure Nymph Army of Bataan"


September 1963 - cover

November 1963 - "Stockade-Busting Commandos of Berlin"




December 1963 - "The Love Goddess"

January 1964 - cover

February 1964 - "Desert -Doll Hellcats" detail>

March 1964 - "Case of the Big, Beautiful Blonde"

April 1964 - "Revolt of Warsaw's SS - 'Love Slaves'


May 1964 - "Case of the Teasing Redhead" by Carter Brown.

  June 1964 - "Amsterdam's Pleasure House Hideout of Yank Saboteurs" (not

July 1964 - "Kremlin's Top Killer in Rome . Get Him!"

December 1964 - "Captive Girl Compound"


February 1965 - "Wild Bill Donovan's Beautiful Decoy Who Saved The Dutch Underground" detail>

March 1965 - "The Girl Hunters" (WORLD WITHOUT WOMEN) by Day Keene & Leonard Pruyn.

This book bonus is reprinted in ACTION FOR MEN March 1969 with a different title and different Copeland art.

<June 1965 - "Flying Gambling Girls Who Play No-Limit Sex"

August 1965 - "Million Dollar Hooker">

September 1965 - "Russia's Playboy Spy". To compare this b&w reprint to the original color art, see STAG July 1963.


October 1965 - two by Copeland: "Master Jewel Thief" - reused from STAG May 1962.

And "Night Flight With a Sure-Thing Redhead"

January 1966 - "After Hours Redhead" (reused in November 1966 issue of ACTION FOR MEN).

March 1966 - "Training Camp Tramp"

June 1966 - "Sheriff Sue is a Nympho!" Story appears with different Copeland art in TRUE ACTION Jan 1968.

August 1966 - "Locker Room Tease"   "she had a yen for baseball".

Copeland's original art for the August 1966 FOR MEN ONLY

September 1966 - "Lone Yank Who Survived Africa's 'Weird Rite' Wilderness" interior reuses cover from COMPLETE MAN Dec 1965.

November 1966 - "Barracks Room Tease">

January 1968- "Run Nude Run"

March 1968 - "Carhop Tramp" (reused for ACTION FOR MEN Sept 1970)

June 1968 - "Hot Summer With Sherry"


August 1968 - "The Taming of Mona"

September 1968 - "Laura's Naked Surprise". Reprinted in TRUE ACTION Oct 1970.


November 1968 - "I Found the Blonde Tribe of the Amazon".

<March 1969 - Shack-Up With the Warden's Daughter"

June 1969> - "While Her Husband Slept"

October 1969 - "You Can Marry a Rich Girl"

February 1970 - "Bus Stop Lover" (reused in TRUE ACTION February 1972)

March 1970 - "The Love Trap" 

May 1970- "My Body Pays The Fare". Art is used again for TRUE ACTION in June 1972.

September 1970 - "Doctor in the Nude" (reused ACTION FOR MEN Sept 1972) detail

October 1970 - "Blonde Bait for a Sex Thrill Kidnapper"

FOR MEN ONLY ANNUAL #6, 1970 - "The Neighbor Lover" b&w, reused from MALE Feb 1969, used again in ACTION FOR MEN March 1972.



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