Martin Goodman purchased the rights to STAG, a 1940s men's magazine, and turned it into a men's adventure magazine in 1950.  It remained a cornerstone of his publishing empire for over 40 years.  STAG was published by Official Magazine, then Atlas, then Magazine Management, all names for Goodman's Diamond Group. The longtime editor was Noah Sarlat. STAG ANNUAL was edited by Martin's son, Charles "Chip" Goodman.  Charles Copeland contributed art to STAG for 17 years.  Although it is difficult to imagine, our checklist here shows that Copeland appeared in 30 of the 36 issues STAG published from 1962 through 1964.  STAG became a girlie magazine in the mid 1970s as tastes changed and the era of the men's adventure magazines died out.

STAG December 1956 - "Man-Hungry Emma Kolbe" detail. The story of a white cannibal queen. I think Emma might have been "man-hungry" in more ways than one.

April 1957 - "Pickup"

Reused for MAN'S WORLD April 1961.

The sideways look.

An early indication how good this artist was at painting in duotone.

July 1957 - "Man-Hungry Huntress" by William Woolfolk.  Two-page duotone (shown in our Paperback Covers section with Berkley G199) and seven small b&w illustrations, two shown here:

December 1957 - "Brother Chalmers: Harem Keeper, Cannibal, Missionary"

The man throwing the spear shows up again on the Feb 1958 cover art for MAN'S WORLD.

January 1958 - "The Man-Hungry Queen of Brazil's Penal Legion".  (There seemed to be a preponderance of man-hungry females in STAG's 1950s stories. With 8 other illustrations throughout the story).

February 1958 - "Ten Years with the Legion of Hell" detail

Plus two small b&w drawings on second page:

Feb 1958 additional art

March 1958 - "The Strange Secret of Muto the Tenth"

November 1958 - "The Legend of Wild Jack Gascar"
(Charles Copeland's original art is shown above)

December 1958 - "32 Wives For the Captain"

May 1959 - "Air-Express Harem of Flight Officer Toni DeJong" (not shown)

October 1959 - "Bring Me Every Scarlet Woman in Missouri"

November 1959 - "Prophet Briggs and his Share - The -Wife Cult"


February 1960 - "Break the Black Panty Spy Ring"

blue duotone (see ACTION LIFE Nov 1964).

March 1960 - "The Yank They Held at Siberia's Female Slave Barracks" detail>.


June 1960 - "The Pilot Who Crashed Into Japan's Secret Female Garrison" reused in MALE ANNUAL #1, 1963.


December 1960 - "Break India's Harem-Raiding Cult"

February 1961 - "Eighth Air Force Spy Drop at the House of Exotic Hostesses"

March 1961 - "The General, The Party Girl and 58 Hell-Raising Raiders" (not shown)

May 1961 - "The Night Belgium's Streetwalkers Captured Gestapo Headquarters" (not shown)

July 1961 - "The Harem HQ. of WWII's Missing-in-Action Major" (not shown)

September 1961 - "The Navy Crew That Kidnaped 77 Kamikaze Harem Virgins" (not shown)

<October 1961 - "The Society Nymph Who Seduced Gen. Pershing's

17th Philippine


November 1961 - "Girl Who Led the Great Scientist - Kidnap Raid" >

December 1961 - "The Great Stakeout of L.A.'s Geisha Spy House" (not shown)


February 1962 - "Russia's Sex-for-Secrets Party Line Girls"

March 1962 - "The Yank Sergeant Who Ran DeGaulle's Secret Army of Women" (not shown)

April 1962 - "I Was the Last 'Untouchable'" >

May 1962 - "Interpol 59 Phantom Global Crime Busters" reused in FOR MEN ONLY Oct 1965.

June 1962 - "Break-Out Team From Hell" (not shown)

July 1962 - "Troop-Following Comfort Girls" reused in COMPLETE MAN Sept 1965 (not shown) "one of those cuckoo chapters of the Korean War not recorded in official histories".

September 1962 - "The Frauleins Who Were Smuggled Into the Maginot Line">

October 1962 - "Hell-Raising Females in Logan's Ranger Army" reused in ACTION FOR MEN Sept 1965.

December 1962 - "Lisa - 100 Men Had Her Phone Number"- reprinted in b&w in COMPLETE MAN Feb 1965.

January 1963 - "No-Return Mission of Sgt. Lew Terelli"

February 1963 - "The GI Who Tracked Down Paris' Mademoiselle Underground"

March 1963 - "By Any Means. Stop Them From Killing King Hussein"

April 1963 - 'Shocking 'Backstage" Auctions in the World's Hottest Girl Town"

Reused in COMPLETE MAN March 1966. Not shown.

May 1963 - "'By Invitation Only' Private Party Girls"

June 1963 - "Exposed: Show Business' Back-Room Vice Girls"
One for you redhead lovers

July 1963 - "Weird Red-Country Sex Game" reused in b&w in FOR MEN ONLY Sept 1965.

August 1963 - "Vice Girls Who Hustle Hotels"

September 1963 - "POW Breakout From Castle 'No-Escape'".

October 1963 - "Phantom Texan Who Bottled Up a Japanese Army"

December 1963 - "Night Mission With Laos' Hot-Blooded 'Cemetery Girl' Commandos"

February 1964 - "Commando Hell-Raid on Fraulein Barracks"

March 1964 - "Cuba's Off-Limits Women Camps"

May 1964 - "9 Ways to Pre-Test Your Date's Sex Drive". This self-help article is psychological hogwash; and surely the most inappropriate use of Nazis in STAG's history (see detail below).

Detail of May 1964 article.  Do starving POWs and Nazis have anything to do with 1964 dating tips? Only in STAG.

June 1964 - "D-Day Sex Trap That Wrecked the Seventh Panzer Army". Europe in 1944 - much better use of Nazis. Not true ("just released after 20 years") but more appropriate than concentration camp references in dating tips.

July 1964 - book bonus "Quick, Before It Melts" by Philip Benjamin. (Later small illustrations for this book bonus are by an uncredited staff artist.) Although best known for his human beings, I think Copeland's animals are awesome. But people always ask what kind of animal this one is supposed to be - it's a seal.

August 1964 - "The Cheaters"

September 1964 - "Pickup For a Rainy Night"

October 1964 - "G-2's Nude Debutante Decoy of Embassy Row"

November 1964 - "Afternoon of a Passionate Redhead"

December 1964 - "The Great 36th Division Breakout"

January 1965 - "Concubine Village" (not shown)

March 1965 - "Until There Are None"

April 1965 - "Your  No. 1 Man is a Soviet Spy!"  The story of Kim Philby. Reused in b&w for ACTION FOR MEN March 1967.

August 1965 - "The Coed Trap" - art is redrawn for the 1968 MALE ANNUAL, where the man is a blonde and the pictures on the wall behind the woman change.

November 1965 - "Enough Man For Carolyn" (see MEN Nov 1968)

STAG ANNUAL #2, 1965 >
- two uncredited b&w illustrations for two stories by Erskine Caldwell: "The Seduction of Emily Brown" & "The Seduction of Mr. Sears".


February 1966 - "Kuwait: Richest, Wildest Kingdom on Earth".  Wildest? Not so much any more. 

March 1966 - "Summer Shack-Up"

Reprinted in b&w in ACTION FOR MEN May 1968.

.April 1966 - two illustrations: "The Girl Who Taught Love" "art by Charles Copeland", signed 'C. Copeland' (reused in the Jan 1968 issue of TRUE ACTION, the guy in that story is not in the Army so there's no stripe on his sleeve); and.Copeland's second April 1966 appearance is "Vicious Red Plot to Auction Human Hostages", "art by C. Wesley", signed 'Wesley' (his middle name).

<July 1966 - "Russia's Top Spy 'Heroes' Unmasked"

August 1966 - "Behind the Over-Exotic-Girls Scandal" by Walter Kaylin. detail>

October 1966 - "Beach Girl For the Night". Repainted for TRUE ACTION August 1971.

November 1966 - "Weekend with the Shackup Blonde" (not shown) reused in MALE ANNUAL #7, 1969.

December 1966 - "Hottest Tease in Town" reused in MAN'S WORLD April 1969, where the woman is a blonde.

January 1967 - "Locker Room Tramp" reused in TRUE ACTION March 1968, third use in ACTION FOR MEN July 1969.

Note: there are no Charles Copeland illustrations throughout the spring and summer of 1967.

October 1967 - "The Big Frame"

November 1967 - "The Hunted"

December 1967 - "Nude Blonde Neighbor".  This painting is reprinted in b&w as a second-page illustration in the 1969 STAG ANNUAL. 

STAG ANNUAL #4, 1967 - cover and interior illustration for "Wife for a Hot Afternoon" by Erskine Caldwell.

I used to believe the editors of STAG pasted their covers together from different paintings (and sometimes they did).  But this is what Charles Copeland's original art for the cover of STAG ANNUAL #4 looks like:

January 1968 - "The GIs Who Took Over Germany's 'Live-It-Up' Castle" not shown

March 1968 - "Rendezvous With Caroline"

May 1968 - "The Fraulein Tunnel Barracks: Secret Yank POW Hideout"

June 1968 - "The Night Drexler's Wife Cheated"

July 1968 - "Nudist Camp Doctor"

STAG ANNUAL #5, 1968 - two Erskine Caldwell stories:

 <"Hot Afternoon With Ellen"

And "Last Night With Laura">

April 1969 - "Russia's Exploding Prostitution, Dope and Murder Scandals"

May 1969 - "Night of the Two-Couple Swap"


June 1969 - "Dealer in Death"

July 1969 - "The Terror Bureau"

September 1969 - "The Blonde Bribe"

October 1969 - "My 'Very Private' Nurse" - later reused for the cover of ACTION FOR MEN Sept 1972, with the nurse changed to a blonde doctor.

November 1969 - "My Crazy Topless Blonde". This time, the art does not match the title.

December 1969 - "The Girl Who Couldn't Wait"

Three b&w repeats in STAG ANNUAL #6, 1969: 1. "The Bedroom Lesson" from MALE May 1966; 2. second-page art for "Death Comes Naked" reused from STAG Dec 1967 (title page art by an uncredited Earl Norem);

And >

3. "Backseat Tease" "art by Barry Charles" reuses MALE Nov 1965 art with Copeland's signature visibly rubbed out in lower right corner.

January 1970 - "Susan at Bedtime". A handsome nude male takes a sideways glance in STAG.

March 1970 - "I'll Take the Redhead". Reprinted in the 1971 MALE ANNUAL.

July 1970 - "Julie - The Naked Hitch-Hiker"

August 1970 - "Twins are Twice as Loving". Signature: C.W.C.

September 1970 - "3 Men - 3 Women Marooned on Sunken Treasure Key"

October 1970 - "Two Nudes in Motel Room No. 8"

November 1970 - "The Crowded Bed"

STAG ANNUAL #7, 1970.

"Paula's Undressing Game".

The first six STAG ANNUALs were true annuals but starting in 1970 they did two each year. The numbering of the issues gets a bit convoluted so I will just list the ANNUALs after the regular monthly issues for each year.

STAG ANNUAL # 9, 1970.

"Play-Around Swamp Girl". If there was a STAG ANNUAL #8 I've never seen it. Reused from MEN Aug 1968.


March 1971 - "The Truth About Madeline" reused in ACTION FOR MEN March 1972 in b&w.


June 1971 - "I Smashed the Pacific's Biggest PX Black Market"

November 1971 - "Island of Love-Starved Women"

<December 1971 - "Hooker in Apt. No. 22"

STAG ANNUAL "#4", 1971. Editor's error - this should be #10. We've already seen STAG ANNUAL #4 in 1967.

"The Night Drexler's Wife Cheated" is a story from STAG June 1968,

republished with different Copeland art from MEN July 1969. >

February 1972 - "Yank Wipe-Out of Mexico's Snatch-For-Ransom Guerrillas"

May 1972 - "Naked When Ready" (not shown)


June 1972 - "The Lonely Nude"

July 1972 - "Skin-Tight Blonde"

September 1972 - "I

Usually Don't Pick Up Men."

October 1972 - "The Hot Shower Nymph"

January 1973 - "Loves of a See-Through Blonde"

February 1973 - "Kathy: My Private, Naked Blonde"

March 1973 - "The Love Habits of Rhonda Sue"


May 1973 - "The Afternoon Nude"

June 1973 - "Those Passionate Cooper Girls"

February 1974 - "Gretta" by Erskine Caldwell.

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