In EVEN THE RHINOS WERE NYMPHOS, TRUE ACTION's editor Bruce Jay Friedman tells us about his boss Martin Goodman. "A genius at divining the buying habits of magazine shoppers, he had great faith in the pulling power of key words". The exception, Friedman thought, was TRUE ACTION, which "seemed to represent a ringing rebuke to a (non-existent) magazine called FALSE ACTION." A bi-monthly, TRUE ACTION presented some awesome issues early on, and then gradually became a reprint magazine.


May 1958 - want


March 1959 - "Marshal Rommel's Private Belly Girl". As it promised right on the spine, "beautiful color" in these early issues.

May 1959 -"'Hot Cocktail' Girls"

September 1959 - cover. Copeland's blonde has the disproportionate legs of a Petty Girl.

February 1960 - cover.

.and Feb 1960 interior duotone "The Naked Swindle".

April 1960 - "Confessions of 'Siberian Jack', Squaw Man". No longer saying "Beautiful Color", the art is now all black & white.

June 1961 - cover>

August 1961 - cover

February 1963 - "Society Blonde Who Became a Wehrmacht Queen" reused from MALE May 1960. (TRUE ACTION strictly reprints now.)

February 1964 - "The Half-Caste Wench Who Ruled a Band of Castaway Killers' b&w reprint of MALE Jan 1960.

June 1964 - "Sgt. Baker's Suicide Mission to Rescue Co. F" reused from MALE March 1961.

September 1964 - two reprints with Copeland art: "Behind - the - Curtain Agent Who Kidnaped Russia's Hottest MVD Girl" from MALE Dec 1961 & "Swamp Mistress of an Illicit Diamond Empire" from MALE Nov 1961.

March 1965 - "Six Months of Love and War on Sea Nymph Island" reused from MALE Sept 1962.

June 1965- "The Two Who Blew 'Commie Ship 14' To Hell" reused from MALE March 1962. >

December 1965 - cover by Charles Copeland (top) & Mort Kunstler (bottom).

Copeland's art is reused from MEN May 1963, where the woman is blonde.

May 1966 - Two reprints by Copeland: "Tramp Fraulein" from MEN Nov 1962.> and

"Buried Alive for Five Months in a Singapore Death Vault" from MALE Nov 1962.

September 1966 - "Tramp Widow of Sailor Street" reused from MEN Dec 1964.


March 1967 - "Stockade of Captive Blondes" reuses MEN Nov 1965.

July 1967 - "Passion Pay-Off Girl on Parole" from MEN Aug 1965.

January 1968 - "Sheriff Sue's Shack-Up Jail" takes art from STAG Apr 1966 and story from FOR MEN ONLY June 1966.


March 1968 - "Hot Tease for the Champ" reused from STAG Jan 1967, used again in ACTION FOR MEN July 1969.

July 1968 - "Hungry Blonde 'Swapper' in Night Elevator No. 9"

March 1969 - "Afternoon with a Hothouse Nude" reused from MAN'S WORLD Feb 1966 & MEN ANNUAL #2, 1968.

July 1969 - "The Girl Who Wanted More" from MEN May 1965

November 1969 - "Acres of Flesh, Gallons of Blood" reused from MALE March 1967, third appearance in MAN'S WORLD Dec 1971.

February 1970 - "The Blonde Who Followed Men" redrawn from MALE November 1961. detail>


October 1970 - "Laura's Afternoon Game" reuses art & re-titles story ("Laura's Naked Surprise") from FOR MEN ONLY Sept 1968.


December 1970 - "The Bordello Busters", fourth use of art from MALE June 1966 (see also ACTION FOR MEN May 1968 & MALE ANNUAL, 1971).
February 1971 - "Ilsa's Bedtime Game" reuses MEN Dec. 1968.    

August 1971 - "Laura's Naked Surprise" (not to be confused with different story of the same name in FOR MEN ONLY Sept 1968 reprinted in TRUE ACTION Oct 1970) redraws art from STAG Oct 1966, now topless.

(cf. STAG Oct 1966)

February 1972 - "No Fare For Linda" reprint from FOR MEN ONLY February 1970.

June 1972 - "Season of Passion" reuses art from FOR MEN ONLY May 1970.

August 1972 - "Bedroom Blonde" reuses art from MALE Sept 1971. Third use: ACTION FOR MEN Sept 1973.

October 1972 - "Naked Shoot-Out with a Sex Kidnapper " reprints FOR MEN ONLY Oct. 1970    

February 1973 - "I Survived 14 Days in Surinam's 'Swamp of Giant Lizards!' " reuses MAN'S WORLD Oct 1964 with giant lizard added.

October 1973 - want


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