Magazine Management (as Vista Publications) published the bimonthly ACTION FOR MEN for about twenty years from the late 1950s to around 1977.  It was usually published in the odd-numbered months, Jan March May July Sept & Nov.  This is one of the Diamond Group, all from Martin Goodman's magazine factory, advertised in ads like this one:

Traditionally, many of the other magazines in the Diamond Group had cover art by Mort Kunstler, but Charles Copeland did at least a dozen covers for ACTION FOR MEN.

Editor: Noah Sarlat. Art director: Larry Graber.  In its later years, ACTION FOR MEN was used  mainly to recycle stories and art from their other magazines.

< ACTION FOR MEN August 1959. Cover by Charles Copeland.

July 1961 - cover>

< September 1961 - cover

December 1961 -cover

Dec 1961 Want

September 1962 - cover

September 1963 - cover (this cover art was  previously used for FOR MEN ONLY November 1961) >

< May 1964 - "Airborne Vice Girls" 2-pg b&w interior illustration.

(all illustrations shown here are "interior illustrations" unless noted as "cover")

< July 1964 - cover

September 1964 - cover>

<November 1964 - cover

June 1965 - cover>

<September 1965 - cover and interior illustration "Ambush That Rescued the US 5th Army" reused from STAG October 1962.

January 1966 - cover.
Not shown.

July 1966 - cover>

<September 1966 - cover

March 1967 - cover and interior "The Spy Who Couldn't Leave Women Alone" reused from STAG April 1965. Same story, same art, different title.

May 1968 - two interiors: "Bra and Panty Girl Hideout of the 9 Bail-Out GIs" (reused from MALE June 1966)  & "Swim Party with a Bare-Skin Blonde" (reused from STAG March 1966) 

January 1969 - "The Girl Who Played Virgin" reused from MALE December 1967 (same story & art, now b&w, with new title)

March 1969 - two interiors

"The Woman Stalkers" by Day Keene & Leonard Pruyn (story retitled from FOR MEN ONLY March 1965, art redrawn from MEN May 1966)


and "Love Lessons From a Blonde" (redrawn from MAN'S WORLD December 1966) not shown


July 1969 - two interiors: "The Yank Who Penetrated Moscow's Passion Cell 10" (redrawn from MALE November 1966) & "Naked on the Sand" (reused from STAG January 1967 & TRUE ACTION March 1968).

September 1969 - two interiors: second-page   illustration (reused from MEN February 1967) for "Assassin in my Bed" by Mario Puzo writing as Mario Cleri (first-page illustration by a different, uncredited artist); & "Nude on the Deck" (retitled from MALE August 1965). detail>


November 1969 - "The Girl in the Bar" reused from FOR MEN ONLY Jan 1966.

May 1970 - "Elsa's Special Game" reuses art & story from MAN'S WORLD April 1968 with different title & byline.

September 1970 - "The Passion Tramp" reuses Copeland's art for FOR MEN ONLY March 1968.



January 1972 - "The Nymph Next Door" repainted from MALE December 1970.

March 1972 - "Annie's Love Nest" reuses art from MALE Feb 1969 & FOR MEN ONLY ANNUAL, 1970.


July 1972 - interior. Want

<September 1972 - cover

& two interiors, all uncredited. "Bedroom Game with a Blonde Doctor" is from FOR MEN ONLY Sept 1970.

"The 'Scuba-Killer' of Treasure Key" uses the right half of the art from the Nov 1971 STAG, repainting the left half, changing skinny-dippers to the Scuba-Killer.


November 1972 - "One-Night Stand with a Topless Blonde" reuses art & re-titles story from MALE October 1970.

March 1973 (says March 1972 in error inside)  "Madeline's Afternoon Special" reuses STAG March 1971.

May 1973 -  "Barbara's Wildest Night">

September 1973 - third use of interior illustration, here called "Ellen's Special Treatment", from MALE September 1971 & TRUE ACTION August 1972.

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