A great adventure magazine of the 1950s & 1960s, SPORTSMAN was published by Male Publishing Corp. and was edited by Noah Sarlat.  This Diamond Group publication always featured great covers of tough he-men battling animals or cannibals or both, and gave us such stories as "My God, The Sharks Got the Women!" and "Skull Splitters of the Amazon".  Copeland's July 1956 illustration for "A Lion for J.J.", like most of his earliest magazine work, is very action-stylized.  The men have enormous heads and muscles compared to the women beside them, like something you'd see in an adventure pulp or a Frazetta illustration.  I love them. Copeland will refine his style to something more realistic as time goes by.


July 1956 - "A Lion For J.J."

May 1957 - "Senora Kelly - Savage of the Chaco"

(If you collect SPORTSMAN between 1958 and 1963 and find Copeland art, please contact me.)

November 1963 - cover (recycled from cover of FOR MEN ONLY May 1959) and interior illustration "Yankee King of Tononga Island" b&w re-use of duotone from MALE January 1961.

November 1964 - "Death Run From Zanzibar's Killer Nymphs" reprint from MAN'S WORLD Dec 1961.

February 1965 - want


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