We learn from DEVINE'S GUIDE TO MEN'S ADVENTURE MAGAZINES that the first three issues of MAN'S WORLD were called MEN IN ACTION. The title changed with Vol 1, No 4 in November of 1955, and Charles Copeland came onboard as a regular contributor for editor Noah Sarlat in February 1958. He often did at least one cover a year in addition to his interior work. MAN'S WORLD was a bimonthly, published in the even-numbered months Feb Apr June Aug Oct & Dec. Devine describes this magazine well when he says: “Great cover paintings of men in danger, wild animals, military scenes”. Like all men's adventure magazines it changed over the years. When Bruce Jay Friedman became editor in 1964, the cover art got smaller but MAN'S WORLD became more of a modern “men's magazine”, with “Girl in a Man's World” pin-up photography. MAN'S WORLD was published under several names – Medallion, Official Magazines, Olympia, Vista, etc – but they were all various identities of Magazine Management, Goodman's Diamond Group. Later on, photo covers - and photo-illustrated stories - took over in the 1970s, but in its heyday MAN'S WORLD was the real thing.

MAN'S WORLD February 1958 - cover. This cover appears in Adam Parfrey's IT'S A MAN'S WORLD: Men's Adventure Magazines, The Postwar Pulps.

October 1958 - "The Call Girl Who Led a Legion of Rebels". The intro suggests this was written for STAG, perhaps indicating that even early on, MAN'S WORLD was used for overflow, leftovers and reprints from MALE & STAG.

December 1958 - title-page illustration,

and four small b&w drawings (one shown here) for "The Woman-Hunting Sailors of the Sulu Sea Islands".

February 1959 - "The Vanishing Legionnaire". Other small illustrations for this article are by an unknown, uncredited artist.

April 1959 - "Give Me Every Woman in Paris".  Not a typical men's adventure mag article, this is a profile of the artist Amadeo Modigliani. 

October 1959 - cover

April 1960 - "My 9 Years in a Vice-Ridden Penal Colony"

June 1960 - cover & interior for "The Adventurer Who Wrecked Germany's Amazon Slave-Girl Empire"

August 1960 - want

October 1960 - "Secret Life of Moscow's No. 1 Hell-Raiser"

February  1961 - "The Free-Love Ship of Brother Cyrus Spragg"


April 1961 - "Pushover Blonde" art reused from STAG April 1957.

June 1961 - "Ed Delaney's Secret Female Escape Camp"

(not shown)

August 1961 - "Sailor's Girl" by Joe Gores >

December 1961 - cover & interior "We Were Hunted in Zanzibar's Port of Desperate Nymphs". Interior was reused in SPORTSMAN November 1964.  This is the painting that suggested Copeland had to be the uncredited artist of Berkley BG238.

<August 1962 - cover

October 1962 - cover>

and interior

<Oct 1962 interior "The Fleet-Wrecking Russian Nymph Who Staked Out a U.S. Naval Base"

February 1964 - cover>

- top art is for "That French Street Woman" (13 FRENCH STREET) by Gil Brewer, with interior art by Gil Cohen.

June 1964 - cover

August 1964 - "Big Mike's Wild Young Sister-in-law" by Mario Cleri (Mario Puzo). b&w>

October 1964 - "Hot Saturday"
reused in TRUE ACTION February 1973

June 1965 - cover. Copeland painted these odd sized half-cover plus interior "The Hot Pickup" paintings to scale per the publisher's instructions, using one half of an art board for each.

August 1965 - cover & interior

Aug 1965 interior is "Confessions of a Jet Set Calldoll".

December 1965 - cover

February 1966 - "Those Two Hours With Nora" - reprinted in MEN ANNUAL #2, 1968 and TRUE ACTION March 1969.

April 1966 - "Those Girls at French Annie's Place"


June 1966 - "The GI Spy and the 'Grotto of Wild Widows'".


August 1966 - "Agent For Hire - 21, Gorgeous Legs, All Kills Guaranteed".



December 1966 - "The Black Lace Babysitter". Reused in ACTION FOR MEN March 1969, where the man in the doorway is in a private's uniform.

February 1967 - "Three Wild Wantons" by Erskine Caldwell. 

Editorial error in this issue: 2-page b&w painting "Betrayal on Nude Redhead Beach" says "art by Charles Copeland." This painting is by Samson Pollen, per Mr. Pollen. 


April 1967 - 'Now in Full-Action Color'. MAN'S WORLD shifted to color   with art in this issue including Charles Copeland's "The Sinful Sisters". (They were back to black & white the following year.)


February 1968 - "Blonde in the Pink Silk Jumpsuit"

April 1968 - "Health Club Tease" reused in ACTION FOR MEN May 1970.

October 1968 - duotone "Order Lucy For Tonight" by Mario Cleri (Puzo).

December 1968 - duotone "Private Game Girl".

February 1969 - "The Games That Ginger Plays".

This is Copeland's original art for the black & white illustration, titled "Ginger's Secret - MAN'S WORLD", which suggests the title was changed late in the editorial process.

April 1969 - "The Blonde Swinger Next Door". Copeland's b&w redraws his color painting for STAG December 1966, changing her hair color to match the title.

June 1969 - "Three Hot-Blooded Sisters" (from THIS VERY EARTH) by Erskine Caldwell. >

(Except for Oct & Dec 1971, my MAN'S WORLD collection from Oct 1969 through Dec 1974 is very weak.  If you have issues from that period with Copeland art, please let me know.)

October 1971 - "More Than Naked".>

December 1971 - "Girl Trap for a 'Nazi Hell Ferry'" flipped & redrawn from MALE March 1967, used again in TRUE ACTION Nov 1969.


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